Janell Carter

I had the best experience

I haven’t written a review for anyone in a very long time but Big Peach Alpharetta truly deserves it. I had the best experience. I believe the sales person that helped me was Bryce and he was amazing. He helped me pick out a new running shoe specially tailored to how I run. He took his time and had me try on at least 10 shoes to find the best fit. I am training for my 1st half marathon and started having a lot of aches and pains and it was really difficult running on my long day. I’m so happy to say I completed 7 miles yesterday and with Bryce’s suggestion of shorter strides I had a much better run. I also purchased electrolytes and gels that Bryce suggested and they helped a ton while I was running. I felt more comfortable, had more energy and was much happier during my run. Thank you so much Bryce!