Genelle Viars

Transformed my Running!!

Running Transformed is no joke. I thought I’d go in and they’d video me running then sell me some shoes, boy was I wrong. I had some really bad form issues that really needed to be corrected to prevent further injury and they showed me exactly how to do it. Wade Coleman at the Alpharetta store took over 3 hours with me showing me my problems and how to fix them. He then showed me new warmups and form drills to maintain my progress. The class was Monday morning and this is Thursday and as of now I’ve dropped a minute and 10 seconds off my per mile time and am running with less effort and no pain. Faster is amazing but I’m training for my first ultra and have a marathon next week. Wade said he could fix me before the marathon and he was right. I’m telling everyone I know how incredible the class is and that yes it has Transformed my Running!! I will be forever thankful to them and they will be my go-to store from now on. Customer for Life!