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I never felt judged

This is why I went back to BP after so long, and too many shoes bought elsewhere. I had bought my first pair of real running shoes over six years ago from the Decatur store, going through the gait analysis and everything and coming away very happy with my Asics 3010. Over the years I just ordered other Asics I’d find a deal on online, and that was ok. As I was recently shopping for shoes for my teenage boys at Dick’s, I realized I was needing a new pair. So I looked for shoes for myself and was about to purchase there, but just didn’t feel great about any of them so thought I should try BP again. And I’m really glad I did. I walked in mid-morning Saturday, was greeted promptly by Erin (and others) and they asked what they could help with. Within minutes I was trying on shoes, giving feedback to Erin and her observing my running, eliminating some shoes, bringing out others, with lots of back and forth Q&A about shoes, running, fitness, etc. Even as the store got busier, I never felt rushed or neglected. And I never felt judged for being “just a casual runner”, nor pressured to buy a pricier shoe. Erin was awesome, and the rest of the staff was as well, in how they seamlessly would step in to clear away shoes/boxes of my rejects and offer their encouragement/comments along the way. It was also a teaching moment for my youngest son that was with me, that I could point out the exceptional customer service that is all too rare now, and the value of such service. Just a great overall experience and well worth the few extra $s. Thanks, Big Peach!