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I have told everyone about my experience

I have tried on so many sneakers and could not find any that were comfortable. I own seven pairs trying to find some that worked, but all of them cause me to come home with aching feet. My sister told me she had gotten some from Big Peach a couple of years ago and they were her most comfortable shoes. Desperate for comfort, I drove an hour in the pouring rain too. I was warmly welcomed in the store and expressed my frustration. I heard “I can help with that”. This was what I wanted to hear! The salesman measured my feet, asked me some questions and asked me to have a seat. He came back with several shoes for me to try. We found some that were comfortable and he had me on a treadmill taking a video to show how I walked. He went back and brought out some more shoes. The next pair I put on were worth the drive in the rain! The most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! The salesman informed me that even though they feel great now, I may get home and wear them and realize they aren’t as perfect as in the store. “No problem”, he said, I can bring them back. What? I can wear them and bring them back? What kind of customer service is this? The incredible kind! Fortunately, I have now worn my shoes several times and I still love them. I have told everyone about my experience. What a difference in knowledge of your product and customer service makes!