Alex David

Your team has definitely earned my business!

Today was my very first shopping experience at your store located on 800 Peachtree St.

Just to provide some background, I moved here from Los Angeles and do not consider myself to be an avid runner, but have logged over 300 miles on my current shoes, Brooks DNA Cascadia, and previously ran on Newtons. I purchased the Brooks from REI and felt that they did an excellent job of matching me to the right shoe.

I knew that coming to a specialty store such as yours would provide the benefits of expert consultation including gait analysis, which is something I highly value.

Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted by the manager, Chris Shaner. He took great time and care to answer all my questions and address my needs, including the use of video where he was able to analyze the stability of my stride and play it back for me. After providing him with some information, he brought out 4 pairs of shoes that would most likely meet my needs. He was very careful to ensure that all my concerns were met: wide toe box, proper fit, trail vs. pavement use, comfort/pain issues. He also looked at my old shoes and assessed the wear pattern. These are all things I would expect from a specialty running store and Chris did not disappoint. On top of all that, he was very personable and gave me a 10% off first responder’s discount.

Your team has definitely earned my business! I’ll be sure to pass on any referrals I can (I’ve already started).