TransFORMed Running

Why TransFORMed Running?

Do you wish running was more enjoyable? Then TransFORMed Running is for you.

Ever since Big Peach Running Co. (BPRC) opened its doors in 2004 our mission has been to grow participation in what we passionately refer to as the Pedestrian Active Lifestyle (PAL). One of the main reasons individuals quit running is that they don’t enjoy running. Those reasons may be due to discomfort anywhere in the body or injuries related to running thereby not experiencing the joy and health benefits that can come from running. While getting properly fit in a great pair of running shoes can make a world of difference, there are other variables that can not only make running more enjoyable but empower you to be the runner you always wanted to be.

TransFORMed Running was created to address some of the variables that footwear alone can’t address. For any activity, the correct form is crucial to success. Yet for most of us, exposure to and consistent practice of the basic elements of running form has been limited at best. TransFORMed Running seeks to address both the education and execution elements of running form through its curriculum that includes classes and workouts.

BPRC’s mission will always be squarely focused on growing participation in the PAL and we will continue to make sure that our guests have the best, most innovative product for whatever running, walking or hiking adventures they have planned. Through TransFORMed Running, we have the ability to address more dimensions of the running experience than ever before. So check it out, whether it’s the information provided here, or in person, at any of our stores.

TransFORMed Running Details

What is TransFORMed Running?

Running form is too complex for there to be a one-size-fits-all approach. TransFORMed Running acknowledges this by taking a simplistic approach that emphasizes three time-honored elements of an efficient running form: Posture, Lean and Landing. The goal? To reduce or eliminate overstriding and, in doing so, reduce the likelihood of injury, enable runner’s to run farther, run faster and simply enjoy running more.

The TransFORMed Running curriculum:

TransFORMed Running

TransFORMed Running FundaMentals – FREE

This is a quick introduction to the elements of running form. A free 45 min in-store clinic, TransFORMed Running FundaMentals covers all the basics of what you need to do, to run with Less Impact and More Efficiency!  We will teach the basics of posture, lean, landing, and offer a couple of interactive demos to get you started! Come learn about what to do, and then sign up for our TransFORMed Running Engaged to learn how to do it!

The TransFORMed Running Intro is FREE and is offered every month at our Alpharetta location. Check out the schedule for upcoming class dates!

TransFORMed Running Engaged – $50

One key to happy healthy running is maintaining proper mechanics without thinking about it! TransFORMed Running Engaged is a 2.5-hour clinic we go outside and teach you the tools you need to retrain your movement patterns.

You will learn a comprehensive dynamic warmup and cool down that can also be used as a light recovery stimulus on off days. Skills and drills to implement once or twice a week that will Absolutely TransFORM your running! The basics of uphill and downhill technique, learning to run uphill easier and downhill with less impact. Core stability to implement daily that will leave you feeling like a new runner. The basics of trigger point and active release to keep your body happy and reduce injury. Along with a baseline video to see yourself in action.

This class is held at our Alpharetta location. You can call 678-739-4616 or register in-store.

TransFORMed Running Perfected – $100

Now that you’ve Engaged the FundaMental necessities, we can safely pull out all the stops in this 2-hour class. Get ready to load up with a full set of our favorite tools to Injury-proof your body and perfect your running!

The TransFORMed Running Perfected clinic includes comprehensive video gait analysis with individualized feedback and corrections. This video will be compared to baseline video to track improvements and zero in on specific aspects of continued work. The clinic will also include an advanced hill circuit, a next level dynamic warm-up routine to use for workout days, in-depth work with a focus on stability, the range of motion, power, speed, and strength. We will wake you up from head to toe! Targeting feet, knees, hips, back,  arms, and of course legs!

This clinic is open and applicable to all graduates of TransFORMed Running Engaged and represents our most potent offering to TransFORM Your Running! Whatever aspect of your running you are looking to perfect, from efficient effortless running to blazing power and speed you will find the tools at TransFORMed Running Perfected!

This class is held at our Alpharetta location. You can call 678-739-4616 or register in-store.