TransFORMed Running

Why TransFORMed Running?

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be a Runner than Now

A bold statement to be sure.

More people are running than ever before. And more runners means more people to run with, more groups to train with, more variety of races and events, more and better products and, in general, more ways to enjoy running than ever before! Indeed, there has never been a better time to be a runner than right now!

Ever since Big Peach Running Co. (BPRC) opened its doors in 2004 our mission has been to grow participation in what we passionately refer to as the Pedestrian Active Lifestyle (PAL). And whether it’s through group runs, support for the incredible number of races in our community, in-store events focused on fun and education, or creative new ways to have fun while running, everything we do is focused on this simple mission.

And an important part of our commitment to growing the PAL has been making sure that runners and walkers not only have good products, but the right products to make their activity enjoyable. Of course, footwear is a vital part of the experience and, over the past 10-plus years, our footwear fitting process has been the defining way in which we help runners and walkers maximize their enjoyment of the PAL. But footwear, no matter how great, has limitations when it comes to meeting all the needs of runners. And if we are really going to maximize our enjoyment of running, other variables must be considered.

TransFORMed Running was created to address some of these variables. For any endeavor, correct form is crucial to success. Yet for most of us, exposure to and consistent practice of the basic elements of running form has been limited at best. TransFORMed Running seeks to address both the education and execution elements of running form through its curriculum that includes both classes and workouts.

BPRC’s mission will always be squarely focused on growing participation in the PAL and we will continue to make sure that our guests have the best, most innovative product for whatever running, walking or hiking adventures they have planned. And now, through TransFORMed Running, we have the ability to address more dimensions of the running experience than ever before. So check it out, whether it’s the information provided here, or in person, at any of our stores.

Yes, there really has never been a better time to be a runner than now.

TransFORMed Running Details

What is TransFORMed Running?

Running form is too complex for there to be a one-size-fits-all approach. TransFORMed Running acknowledges this by taking a simplistic approach that emphasizes three time-honored elements of efficient running form: Posture, Lean and Landing. The goal? To reduce or eliminate overstriding and, in doing so, reduce the likelihood of injury, enable runner’s to run farther, run faster and simply enjoy running more.

The TransFORMed Running curriculum includes three elements:

  1. TransFORMed Running Intro:

For a quick introduction to the elements of running form, there is the TransFORMed Running Intro. Approximately 75-minutes in length, the Intro covers the three primary elements of TransFORMed Running and gives participants enough background to begin experimenting with running more efficiently on their own.

The TransFORMed Running Intro is FREE and is offered every month in all Big Peach Running Co. stores. Check out the schedule below for the next Preview at the store nearest you!

  1. TransFORMed Running Workshop:

For more comprehensive instruction, there is the TransFORMed Running Workshop. At three hours in length, the Workshop provides not only a deeper exploration of the principles of running form, but also includes in-depth video analysis with a trained TransFORMed Running Coach. And the TransFORMed Running Workshop also covers aspects such as equipment that can help with running efficiency and drills and exercises that can be practiced on a regular basis to help the body become more adept at running efficiently. It is a Workshop in every sense and leaves participants with a very thorough understanding of how to become a more efficient runner. Class size is limited to 10-participants to ensure an intimate coaching environment. At $50 it is a great investment in your lifestyle as a runner! Check out the schedule along the sidebar at the top for the next Workshop at the store nearest you!