Grateful to have them in our community

I’ve been a Big Peach fan for more years than I care to remember. Their service is unmatched, and while their prices are competitive, their no questions asked exchange policy is fantastic and one reason I’ll keep coming back. I also much prefer to shop local, to know I’m giving my support to a company that has deep roots in my community. The team is always great to work with, but my most recent visit – buying shoes to wear while recovering from a foot procedure – was perfect. They spent a lot of time helping me out, bringing various sizes and widths, to make sure I was happy (and knowing I could exchange if something didn’t quite work made the decision that much easier). If I had one minor complaint, it’s that they occasionally seem to recommend shoes based on possible sales promotions or other internal incentives vs what I’m looking for, but to be honest that’s helped me discover new brands. Grateful to have them in our community.