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had to unsubscribe myself from the mailing list

I was asked for my email address at checkout, and when I said that I don’t usually give out my email address because I don’t want to receive marketing emails, your salesperson told me that “they are totally separate databases, giving us your email for the receipt doesn’t put you on our mailing list.” And yet….here we are, five days later, and I get an email about Big Peach’s “winter clearance sale”….and had to unsubscribe myself from the mailing list I was told I wouldn’t be added to in the first place.

You know, I pretty much expect that if I give a company my email address I’m going to get emails from them. That’s typical. But don’t LIE about it.

Please accept our apologies. You are correct, these days you can expect marketing emails when you provide an email address to any retail environment. We never encourage our employees to lie about our intention to use emails for marketing purposes. We are very transparent with everyone, including our employees that the email addresses are intended for Marketing purposes. You do have the option to decline and not provide your email address. Even if you do, you can also request not to receive marketing information and the employee will select a box by your email address to exclude you from receiving these types of emails.
We’ll make sure to share your email with all of our store managers and the rest of our organization to clarify our intentions to use emails for marketing but also the procedure to exclude those that request not to receive emails from us. We’ll go back and reinforce this message with our entire team and conduct additional training. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Dave Martinez – Director of Marketing