At BPRC, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide range of products including footwear, apparel, and accessories to exceed the demands and expectations of our diverse clientele. Our inventory represents the performance trends in, and the latest technology intended for, the running and walking community. We believe that each of our guests is unique… and deserves an assortment that represents individual wishes and requirements. All of the items in our store are functional, yet fashionable; performance-minded, yet practical; useful, and user-friendly. Visit this page to view all the brands we carry in our stores.


If you have not been to a specialty running/walking store before, you’re going to love our approach to getting you in the shoes that are best for YOU! And if you already recognize the benefits of “getting fit,” whether you have visited BPRC before or not, we’re confident you’ll find us to be one of the best anywhere on the planet.

Our footwear inventory reflects our disciplined approach to perfectly matching people with shoes. And because of our award-winning Fit Process, it’s entirely fine to come through our doors not knowing what you want or need… We’ll figure it out together, find the right shoe for you – – and we’ll have some fun doing it! Guaranteed.

At all of our stores, we carry a full line of performance running and walking shoes, including high-mileage trainers, racing flats, cross-country, and track & field spikes, and off-road running and hiking options. We also stock the area’s greatest selection of technically capable running shoes in Youth sizes… And keep in mind, too, that an important part of our business is ensuring total comfort for those who can work in athletic shoes and those who just enjoy “kickin’ around” in casual, BUT sensible, style. In short, EVERYONE deserves “happy feet”… and we are here to help you achieve just that!

Some of our featured brands include Adidas, Altra, Asics, Brooks, Hoka, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Olukai (Sandals), and Saucony. Many of our featured models are also available online through our store, and every purchase at BPRC comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Hard-Earned Money Back policy. For sure, we’re here to ensure you achieve many incredibly satisfying miles in (and no hassles with) your shoes… Period. That’s why we loudly and proudly proclaim, “May Your Best Miles Be Those Covered On Foot!”

If you still have questions about our footwear selection or selection process, just click here.


Our promise for the apparel we feature is simple: It will do whatever you want or need it to do! We have items that will wick moisture, retain body heat, keep you cool, protect you from the sun's harmful rays, provide convenient storage, and give you all kinds of reflectivity and visibility... In fact, the only thing as certain as the wide-ranging performance benefits of our apparel is the way it also represents the latest styles and colors, making it just as suitable for a hard-core workout as it is for a casual day "running around."
Whether you ever buy a pair of socks at BPRC or not... beware of the retailer that will claim to sell you quality athletic shoes while displaying cotton socks somewhere in their store. Talk about a colossal disconnect! For sure, superior fit and moisture management are two things that need to be present in your socks to get the most out of your shoes AND your fitness routine... At BPRC, we only offer technical, comfortable, and durable pairs that excel at wicking moisture and keeping your feet dry, cool, and free from blisters. Our carefully selected manufacturer partners use only scientifically proven blends of yarns and fabrics while incorporating knitting technologies that are precise, yet efficient. Alongside our everyday "mix and match" offer of "BUY 3, GET 1 FREE", socks are one of the least expensive - - but most essential - - considerations for any runner or walker. We proudly feature a variety of sizes, styles, and colors from industry-leading brands like Feetures!, Balega, Thorlo, and Swiftwick!
Men and women may have been built to roam the earth on foot - - but genetics, accidents, overuse, and the aging process sometimes temper our ability to do so pain and worry-free... That's why we've called in the Marathon Medic! This section of our store, exclusive to BPRC, has a full array of items to prevent injury, reduce pain and risk, and assist in the healing of the obstacles our body and training regimen throws our way in the pursuit of an everlasting and ever-enjoyable active lifestyle! So what exactly will you find here? We carry a huge supply of sports medicine products from industry leader, McDavid Sports, including blister pads, ankle supports and braces, Achilles tendon straps, and patella stabilizers. We also have Kinesio tape from KT and Rock, as well as an extensive selection of compression sleeves and socks from CEP and Sigvaris. For relief from muscle soreness, we have BioFreeze and other topical ointments that use herbal extracts. Finally, we stock Body Glide, Nip Guards, and Sports Shield to be sure that chafing and the unplanned rubbing and friction of body parts with other body parts or garments - - anywhere on your body - - doesn't get the best of you. Just as importantly, we also recognize that many runners and walkers have some form of foot problem or concern, from minor to chronic. And this should be no surprise, really... After all, an average person's feet hit the ground 8,000 times a day with a force of 3 times their weight! Moreover, for an athlete, the aforementioned number of steps can easily double. We have a wide range of over-the-counter supports and insoles from SuperFeet, Aetrex,  and Currex. And of course, our inventory is not a "one shape fits all." Instead, we help you understand these products and why we carry different models for different arch shapes, cushioning needs, and intended uses. Just as importantly, we're here to help you trim or customize your purchase and can assist you with these products for all your footwear (not just athletic) needs. Lastly, should the dreaded Plantar Fasciitis plague you, we have several items to help heal your heel including the Strassburg Sock, Foot Rubz, and Cryosphere.
For those who have been around long-distance running for some time, the "long-run" is a well-known term to describe a semi-regular workout that is part of a training routine to get your body and mind ready for the stresses associated with the distance and pace you plan for an upcoming event. And whether an Olympian or first-time 10k participant or half-marathoner, the preparations for this workout require both advanced planning and previous effort where valuable lessons can be gleaned and applied. To be certain, the incredibly powerful assortment of products found in our stores under the banner LONG-RUN READY is intended to help you go longer, stay stronger, and ensure that success and discomfort have an inverse relationship! We've broken this category of products into different segments to better indicate what you can expect to find:


Did you know that endurance athletes need 100-200 calories every 45-60 minutes to keep enough fuel in the tank? And, on average, 4-6 ounces of fluids are needed every 20 minutes or so to maintain proper hydration levels. BPRC has everything you need to get the most out of your efforts and feel the best you can during your endurance pursuits. Not only do we have a wide range of products from which to choose, but we'll also help you select what is best for your training conditions, taste preferences, past history, and targeted uses. We have gels, chews, tabs, beans, powders, and bars in single-serve and bulk options from industry leaders like Clif, Hammer Nutrition, Huma, Honey Stinger, Sports Beans, Accelerade, Cytomax, S-Caps, Generation UCAN, and Bonk Breaker. In addition, you always save 10% on all purchases that include ten (10) units or more (including case purchases)... AND you can mix-and-match products across all our options to achieve this unique discount and a perfectly customized menu for your specific needs and intentions!


Dehydration has been proven as one of the leading causes of injury during training for runners. At BPRC, we have the best products for attaining and maintaining a constant state of such, whether before, during, or after your workouts. Our most popular products include hand-held bottles, multi-bottle waist belts, and hydration vests with increased carrying capacity. Just as notable as the great selection at BPRC are our team members who are specifically trained to help you weave through the various options to find the best product for YOU, your needs, and intended uses. Our partners in this pursuit of the perfect aqua plan include Camelbak, Nathan Sports, and Hydrapack.


Let's face it... these days, we want our smartphones, need our keys and have to carry identification almost everywhere we go. And that's no different whether we are figuratively or literally "on the run." When considering the importance of carrying energy gels or other products from our Nutrition section, it further magnifies our portable transportation needs! Fortunately, BPRC also has the gear that will enable you to comfortably, sleekly, and safely carry your essentials every step of the way. Come check out how products from SpiBelt, Nathan Sports, and Amphipod can make your mobile more mobile, and your accessories more accessible!


For reasons that rightfully link back to our family, our work and our preferences, many of us find ourselves heading out for a walk or run when daylight is sparse or nighttime has fallen and settled. For both our enjoyment and our well-being, these jaunts demand additional attention to be given to be properly seen and ensuring we can properly see. To be clear, there are distinct differences between visibility, reflectivity, and illumination – and each is particularly relevant or required in different settings and for different considerations. Let our team of experts help you determine and define your respective needs and find the right gear to make sure the clock doesn't dictate your likelihood of safe passage! Check out our short video about being visible on the run.
The buzz-phrase is "wearable technology". For sure, this term is clarifying and the included technology is more impressive than ever. This is not really a novel of practice to those who have been using a watch with an interval and/or split timer for decades! The biggest responsibility of retailers who feature these products these days is having personnel who can truly match the massive universe of potential product features with the desires and lifestyle of the end-user. Both paying for what you won't use, and wishing you had additional features (or knew how to activate them), is not a good use of your money. Our team of trained experts will ensure you have the best option for YOU, as well as be certain you know how to get the most relevant functionality out of your selection from our High-Tech Trek inventory. We proudly feature a variety of products from Garmin, Coros, and AfterShokz.
O.K., we now have to admit that there are some things we carry that even we can't neatly place into a uniquely named category. So we've dumped ‘em all here. This includes things like performance sunglasses, active pet products, race number belts, sunscreen, and head and hand coverings for every season, just to name a few. Simply, it's all the items you would probably expect to find in classification such as this... and a few wonderful ones you wouldn't!

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