Free Mat Pilates Class with Club Pilates

Marietta // Apr. 24th, 2021 // 3:00 pm

Come on out to our East Cobb location for a Free Mat Pilates class that will improve your running!

This class will be held outside the store and will be limited to 12 people. Please RSVP to reserve your spot. If we exceed 12 participants, we’ll have a waitlist.

Free class by Club Pilates! Pilates is amazing cross-training for runners. As you build core strength, endurance, and flexibility, you’ll see the benefits of a more powerful run – for life.

Stabilize musculature for uphill running.
Strengthen the sciatic area for downhill running.
Experience less neck and shoulder tightening.
Increase oxygenation and stamina.
Help the body recover quickly.
Build kinesthetic awareness.
Shave seconds off your time.
Run for longer… without pain.


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