March 30th TransFORMed Running Engaged – Alpharetta

March 30th TransFORMed Running Engaged – Alpharetta

Mar. 30th, 2019 // 8:00 am

5530 Windward Parkway | Suite 420 | Alpharetta, GA 30004
Wade Coleman

TransFORMed Running Engaged

is a 2.5-hour clinic. We go outside and teach you the tools you need to retrain your movement patterns!

First, you will learn a comprehensive, dynamic warm-up and cool down that can also be used as a light recovery stimulus on off days. Skills and drills you internalize and implement once or twice a week will absolutely TransFORM your running!

The basics of uphill and downhill technique and learning to run uphill easier and downhill with less impact will also be covered. Core stability, practiced daily, will leave you feeling like a new runner. Finally, the basics behind trigger point and active release that keep your body happy and reduce injury risk will make an appearance, along with a baseline video to see yourself in action.