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What exactly is the TransFORMed Running Skills & Drills Workout?  Let’s start by defining what it isn’t.  It’s not Cross Fit, or Bootcamp or Yoga or Pilates, although all of these activities can be very beneficial for runners and the Skills & Drills Workout may incorporate elements from each of these.

The primary goal of the Skills & Drills Workout is to consistently practice the elements that are important to efficient running form AND to awaken some of the dormant muscles in our body that play an important role in efficient running.  In doing so, we teach our bodies what it feels like to run with better form.  We don’t run far in these workouts, in most cases we never even leave the area in front of the store.  They are kid friendly (never too early to work on good running form!), moderate in intensity (we are focused on perfect practice, not intense practice) and are open and accessible to EVERYONE.  Did we mention that the workouts are FUN?  Well, they are! And, they're free too!

Here's what some of our guests are saying about Skills & Drills:
"Even seasoned runners can learn!"

"The Skills & Drills Workout is yet another great program from the Big Peach. I've been so impressed with all of the great programs you offer and everyone's enthusiasm. Mondays can be rough, but there's something about skipping hurdles, stretching in the grass and just hanging out with you guys that makes it SO much better. Thank you for saving my Monday and just being all around wonderful!"

Here's a sneak peak at a couple of drills:

Cadence Drill          Ladder Drill

So when is the next Skills & Drills Workout?  We’re glad you asked!  They’re offered every week on the day and times listed below.  There is no need to pre-register or sign up. Just stop by your local Big Peach Running Co. & check it out!

Day of Week Time BPRC Location
Monday 6:30pm Brookhaven
Monday 6:30pm Midtown
Monday 6:30pm Suwanee
Wednesday 6:30pm Decatur
Wednesday 6:30pm Kennesaw
Wednesday 6:30pm Marietta
Thursday 6:30pm Alpharetta








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