Marathon Medic

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Men and women may have been built to roam the earth on foot… but genetics, accidents, overuse and the aging process sometimes temper our ability to do so pain and worry-free. That’s why we’ve called in the Marathon Medic.

This section of our store, exclusive to BPRC, has a full array of items to prevent, reduce, and assist in the healing of the obstacles our body throws our way in the pursuit of an everlasting P.A.L.

We carry a huge supply of sports medicine products from the industry leader, Mueller Sports, including blister pads, ankle supports and braces, knee and Achilles tendon straps, kinesio tape, patella stabilizers, shin splint compression sleeves, and more.

We also recognize that thousands of Atlantans have some form of foot problem or concern, from minor to chronic. It should be no surprise, really… After all, an average person's feet hit the ground 8,000 times a day with a force of 3 times their weight; for an athlete, the number of steps can easily double! So at BPRC, we have a wide range of over the counter supports and insoles from Super Feet, Lynco, and Spenco. And of course, our inventory is not a “one shape fits all.” Instead, we help you understand these products and why we carry different models for different arch shapes, cushioning needs and intended uses.  Should the dreaded Plantar Fasciitis plague you, we have several items to help heal your heel including the Strassburg Sock.

Should you experience any aches and pains; we have BioFreeze, a topical ointment using an herbal extract to relive minor aches and pains.» Long-Run Ready