Long-Run Ready

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Did you know that endurance athletes need 100-200 calories every 45-60 minutes to keep enough fuel in the tank?  And, on average, 4-6 ounces of fluids are needed every 20 minutes or so to maintain proper hydration levels. For endurance activities, BPRC has everything you need to get the most out of your efforts and feel the best you can. We have a wide range of products to aid you, ranging from:

Energy & Recovery Products

* Accel (Gel, Accelerade, Endurox), Clif (Bars, Bloks and Shots), Crank Sports (E-Gel and E-Fuel), Hammer (Gel, Perpetuem, Heed, Recoverite & Endurolytes), Gatorade G-Series, Honey Stinger (gels, chews, bars and waffles), Sport Beans, PowerGel , Bonk Breaker.  All energy and recovery products are available for single or bulk purchase. Chose any 10 gels, bars, chews, etc., and save 5% off your purchase. Chose any 20 (or full case) and save 10%. Mix your favorite flavors and save!

Portable Hydration

Whether your preference is a hand held, single bottle waist pack, or a multi-bottle waist back, we offer a variety of choices from… * Amphipod, Nathan Human Performance

Storage Gear

Need something to carry your essentials? We stock lightweight, breathable fanny packs, clip on pockets, waist pack add-ons, and shoe pockets from… * Amphipod, Nathan Human Performance, and SpiBelt »Hi-Tech Trek