The Fit Process

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The Big Peach Running Co. fit process is informative, thorough, and fun. There is never a need to make an appointment, and it is free of charge.

Footwear is the most important piece of equipment for runners and walkers, and as such, a very critical component of running. Our job is to make sure that you not only have a GOOD shoe, but the RIGHT shoe for YOU.  What does that mean?  There are many good shoes out there, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are good for YOU. Our fit process is focused on determining which good shoe is BEST for YOU. Our Fit Process is designed with YOU in mind…

So how do we do this?  Let’s start by identifying what a shoe can do for runners and walkers.  A shoe has three primary roles: Let’s start by identifying the three primary roles of a running/walking shoe.

  1. Accommodate foot characteristics
  2. Provide a stable platform while running or walking
  3. Protect the foot from shock generated at impact

With this in mind, our fit process focuses on learning Foot Characteristics (link to page) and uses Video Gait Analysis to understand what happens when the foot interacts with the ground while running or walking, and to understand whether a runner is over-striding to determine how much force may be generated at impact. Of course, there are other considerations as well, including usage intentions (walking, running, gym work), surface (road, trail, indoor), frequency, distance, and existing injuries or issues to name a few.

Finally, once we have gained knowledge of each individual, we are able to make recommendations and move into what we call the Fit, Feel & Ride phase of the Fit Process.  It is here where you will try on shoes, often having one shoe on one foot and a different shoe on the other foot to gain an understanding of the subtle differences between the two.  We will also discuss important consideration when selecting the proper shoe.  These may include (room in the) forefoot (space), taper at midfoot and heel, arch support and “ride,” {or does the shoe feel as if it moves naturally with your foot.} how the shoe interacts with the foot and the ground while running or walking.  Based on feedback gained while testing the recommended options (yes, we encourage you to take the shoes for a brief run or walk in our store or outside!) we may make tweaks or adjustments or make additional recommendations.  It is not uncommon to try at least four or five different footwear options.

>>Video Gait Analysis