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I didn’t expect such a great experience

I didn’t expect such a great experience. I was hesitant to get fit, but Kali in Kennesaw was awesome. She took her time and explained everything. I appreciated not being rushed. I tried on more shoes at her suggestion than I would have if I was by myself.


Thanks again for a great experience!

Corey was patient and very knowledgeable! I tried my new shoes out today and love them! Thanks again for a great experience! Sharon


It made me feel confident

Great experience! So much knowledge and testing went into my shoe purchase. It made me feel confident about the shoes I was getting. It also felt better spending my money at a locally owned business. Went on a test run with them yesterday and accidentally ran longer than I meant to at a faster pace than normal. So far so good! Thanks for all the help.


David was very helpful and patient

Was having many problems with my feet. David was very helpful and patient. He found a pair of shoes that I just love. I can walk again without a tremendous amount of pain. Thank You!

Jane Toborowski

Anna was fantastic!

I decided to go to the Big Peach in Kennesaw with my mom. I was looking for something comfy, not even for running, but just some nice quality shoes and someone who could help fit me correctly. Anna was fantastic! We spent about an hour there and my mom even decided to purchase shoes as well! I will definitely be back and recommend the store and Anna!


The best shoe fitting experience ever

Bryce was right on target with my fitting. I’ve never worn a more comfortable shoe. The substantial decrease in knee and foot pain is amazing after only two days wear. Bryce was professional, knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and the reason I will use this store for all of my athletic footwear. The best shoe fitting experience ever. Thanks Bryce!

Cheryl Armour

experienced the same great service

I originally went to the Suwanee location to find new shoes and they were great about helping me to find the perfect one! I have had three previous foot surgeries so I did not need a running shoe, but they were still patient with me and helped me find a good gym/walking shoe. I returned last month after having my first pair for two years to the Alpharetta location and experienced the same great service. Thank you!

Anne Uhl

kind, patient, and understanding

I tried on many shoes and Parker was so kind, patient and understanding. Thx!

Nan Hunter

Love Big Peach Alpharetta!

Love Big Peach Alpharetta! This has been my running shoe store for many years now. Why? Every time I visit, the staff takes great care and time helping me find the right shoes and running accessories. I can’t say enough great things about Bryce. He’s very knowledgeable, patient (it takes me a couple of hours to decide on shoes) and remembers his customers. See you again soon!

Tanya Schilling

Thank you, Big Peach. I’ll be back.

I was tempted to buy my new trail running shoes on Zappos, but decided I’d give Big Peach a try. Great decision. The guy who helped me was friendly and knowledgeable; he helped me find the shoe (Altra Lone Peak) that was perfect for me. You don’t get that online. And I helped support a local business. Win/win. Thank you, Big Peach. I’ll be back.

Jess Davis

so impressed with the employees and service

I came in for my first time and was so impressed with the employees and service. They were very thorough, friendly, and helpful. I left with the perfect shoes! Thank you so much!


It was a great experience and I will be back

The young man that helped me pick out shoes was great. I’ve never been to a running store, but I wanted good shoes so that I wouldn’t injure myself. I found a great pair of shoes that feel great. The important part….the color. He brought out all the colors for me to choose from. It was a great experience and I will be back.

Lauren C

A life-long customer of BPRC Brookhaven

Went to the Brookhaven location on January 16 right after the MLK Drum Run 5k. My buddy wanted new shoes and I was just along for the ride. Well, upon entering EVERYONE was super nice and very professional. My buddy’s associate Sarah was super patient very knowledgeable and so kind. Here’s where my mind was blown: Even though I didn’t purchase that day, I STILL received total customer service and support!!! My associate Kara was just as phenomenal as Sarah. I get intimidated as a novice runner but Kara seemed to pick up on that and when I left I felt like I’d been to Runners 101!! Hands down the best retail experience I’ve had in a long time and I will definitely be a life-long customer of BPRC Brookhaven.

Jeffrey Hill

Answered all of our crazy questions with a smile

We are newbies sent to BPRC by my son’s track coach. LUCAS, at the Kennesaw location, was outstanding. Knowledgeable and very helpful as he pretty much gave us an impromptu running/ running shoe lesson. Gave us options and info with no pressure. Answered all of our crazy questions with a smile. Refreshing this day and age. We will definitely be back to BPRC.



I’m a big fan of what Big Peach does


Thank you and your team for the run on Saturday at Cochran Trails Park. I ran the 3.7 and loved it. Our pacer/leader was so great! I’m a big fan of what Big Peach does and I look forward to the Sope Trails run this upcoming weekend.


Emily Kay

I always receive great service

I wanted to send a quick note to highlight the customer service of one individual when I stopped into the Decatur store on Friday, 1/13/17. I always receive great service when I shop at BPRC. Erin helped me that day and did a great job. This was the 2nd time she provided excellent customer service to me as she helped me purchase a pair of inserts in the summer of 2016. When I came in a couple of weeks ago, I showed her an email I had from my running coach that explained my gait, stride, the way I pronate, etc. She took all of that information, measured me up, and brought out 4 pairs of shoes that all felt great. She explained the differences, how they were built and how they would help, and also showed me how to tie them to get a tighter fit around the ankle. I mentioned to her that I had not had much luck purchasing running shoes lately and was intimidated by the process (I think I told her I likened it to buying a car). She made it super easy. My very first run in those shoes was an 8-mile long run and they felt great. I have done several other runs in them and so far they feel really good. I am really happy with the service she provided.

I am looking forward to stopping into Big Peach – Decatur again (actually, it may be very soon since my wife bought me a gift card for my birthday last weekend).

Thanks again,


Jason Korzan

There is still a thing called “customer service!”

I was referred to the Big Peach by a co-worker. I was in dire need of a good shoe and socks that did not creep under my foot when exercising. Don Gibson at the Marietta store was extremely helpful, and I walked out happy!!! Don proves that there is still a thing called “customer service!”

Yvette Melancon

Brookhaven store hooked me up

Had pain in my feet due to high arches. Brookhaven store hooked me up with Nike structure 20. Awesome shoes. Brooks GTS 16 from Alpharetta store in 2016 are awesome also.

Richard D Ehler

Steve was outstanding

Steve was outstanding at the Snellville location. Thanks so much for all of your time and expertise.

Elaine Conklin

Most Helpful & Patient Sales Person

Cassy, in the Marietta location, is the most helpful and patient sales person. I brought my 8 yr. old in at the beginning of cross country to be fit for shoes. She took her time, brought out lots of options & took her outside in each pair to watch her run.
Weeks later I returned with my other daughter when “Girls on the Run” was starting. Cassy remember our names, asked about cross country and once again helped us find some great shoes.
Even though Cassy is a big time distance runner, she helped us as though our 2K & 5K daughters were headed for Boston.

Drew Downs

Donna was a big help

Good afternoon,

I was in your store (Marietta location) yesterday to purchase a pair of running shores (long overdue). Donna was assisting me and she was great. I tried on several pairs of shoes and also had an opportunity to do a light jog to get a feel for each shoe. Donna was a big help and provided great customer service and made sure I got the shoe that felt the best for me.

So, thank you for all that you do and a special thank you to Donna!

Have a great holiday!

Lakesha Covington

The Works!

I came in expecting to try on a couple pairs of running shoes on my own and had no idea I would receive the works! We were greeted by an incredibly sweet lady who sized and analyzed my feet/running style and helped me find just the right pair of shoes. I’ve been wearing them for several weeks now and just love them.

Many thanks to you all and Happy new Year!


Bryce was more than wonderful!

I wanted to get a positive message to management about your Alpharetta Store. Bryce was more than wonderful – I went into BigPeach on Tuesday evening and he spent 2 hours helping me figure out a good shoe. I later went home and in the morning realized the shoes were a little pinching which I didn’t realize earlier. So I went back Wednesday afternoon and Bryce spent another 2 hours helping me find another pair of shoes. Huge thanks to Bryce he was awesome and spent a lot of time to help me find the perfect pair of shoes!

Seema Samawi

I walked out feeling amazing and excited!

Corey at the Alpharetta store is amazing!! He spent a ton of time with me and was incredibly patient and taught me so much about shoes and form in just one visit!!! He was conscientious to let me know about sales and specials without ever making me feel pressured to buy. I walked out feeling amazing and excited and can’t wait to learn more at the clinics and workshops. I will definitely be a repeat customer!


Never Pressured Into Buying Anything

Stacy in the Brookhaven store was excellent! She was very patient and helpful in finding me the perfect running shoe. She never pressured me into buying anything, but her knowledge did give me the confidence to make a purchase. I wore my new shoes on my first run yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier with them!


Great Service & Shoes

Great service and shoes.

Joe Neal

Great Work At Your Brookhaven Location!

Asia was very patient with me and answered all my questions! I don’t think I could have gotten a better fit unless I had custom made shoes! Keep up the great work at your Brookhaven location!


I Love Your Decatur Location!

Your staff is wonderful and really takes the time to find out about your feet and what activities you enjoy, I left with 2 great pair of shoes!
I love your Decatur location!

Lisa Arnold

World of Difference In My Running

I had a great experience in the store, the young lady that waited on me was extremely patient and knowledgeable, not to mention she saved me from having to buy shoes unnecessarily which caused me to shop around until I could find something to purchase. She assisted me in purchasing some socks which made a world of difference in my running. I normally don’t post but this experience caused me to have to post if nothing else but to say thank you and keep up the great work.

Bryant Samples

Hands down 10/10 would, and will buy again

Grant is one of the best consultants I’ve ever worked with. I don’t know what I was expecting from a running store and buying running shoes, but I have never had as pleasant of a shopping experience as I did there. My friend Googled Big Peach Running Co. Brookhaven because I was in town and really needed a pair of running shoes after starting running and realized I just didn’t have the right shoes. I just needed somewhere that would measure my foot, I got so much more. When I entered the store I was immediately greeted by Grant. He was very positive, upbeat, fun, witty, knowledgeable, and informative. He not only answered our questions, but give us the why behind his answers. The used laser and infrared technology to measure your feet and pressure points, then recommend shoes, let you run in them and record it. After that they give you immediate feedback and make more informed recommendations. My friend and I were helped for also most 2 hours, they decided to get shoes also, well after close, and I didn’t even notice it. At the end Grant could have told me my shoes cost $10,000 and I still would have bought them, because not only are the shoes perfect for me, but because of the value he built with me, and the service. Hands down 10/10 would, and will buy again.

Reginald Wideman

Very Patient Staff

Very patient staff. Learned a lot about running shoes. Looking forward to a great running experience while wearing this shoe.


I Will Not Shop Anywhere Else

Hayden was pleasant to work with from moment I stepped in the Kennesaw store to his “have a nice day ma’am” when I left. I have a knee injury and he was only bringing me shoes that would provide extra comfort which I appreciated not trying to be sold on something I wasn’t looking for. He also educated me on the importance of running socks. I walked out with 4 pair of socks and one pair of running shoes and very happy feet! I will not shop anywhere else for running shoes.

Stacy Zellner

We’ll be back for years to come!!

Emory at the Alpharetta store helped us yesterday and he was wonderful!! My son has been running cross country for a few years in middle school, but we had not yet been to your store for a true fitting. Emory was able to explain so much to both of us that will help my son now that he is in high school.

We will definitely be back for his running shoes for years to come!!


Christie Neuman

Andre Was Absolutely Amazing

New walking shoes were needed this year as I will be doing my second Atlanta 2-Day walk in October, raising money for breast cancer. Last year my feet were not very happy with me after that weekend of walking, and I knew it was the shoes I had. It was recommended to me to come to Big Peach and have a more in depth discussion about what shoes would probably be a better choice.

I went to the Kennesaw store. Andre was absolutely amazing. He was knowledgeable, patient, listened to what I was needing and definitely nailed it with his shoe suggestions. He took the time to discuss pros and cons of each shoe that I tried on. I cannot say enough about how impressed I was with him. Let’s just say, I am very much looking forward to my 30-mile walk this year even more so this year, thanks to Andre’s help in finding me the right pair of shoes!

Thank you so very much ~


Great service!

On the recommendation from my coach at Multi Sports Performance, I had the Gait analysis done on my run. Made the drive from Peachtree City to Big Peach to have it done. I loved how I was enthusiastically and promptly greeted and in less that 30 minutes I was walking out the door with a new style shoe (first time I switched style in 13 years). Ran in the shoes yesterday and they were great.

Paul Post

WHAT A DIFFERENCE a pair of shoes can make!

My rheumatologist recommended that I get professionally fitted for sneakers at Big Peach to aid in easing my osteoarthritis problems. I was VERY pessimistic but now that I have had my new shoes over a week I am VERY amazed! Bryce was so patient with me in getting just the right fit that addressed my medical needs and WHAT A DIFFERENCE a pair of shoes can make! I think EVERYONE–even if you’re healthy– should get fitted by them. I am going back to get another pair. HIGHLY RECOMMEND them! I will never buy sneakers anywhere else but Big Peach!


Happy Feet

My husband and I visited Big Peach at the recommendation of our Dr. Alla was patient, attentive and obviously knew her shoes. She never rushed me as I struggled to make a decision. I have picky feet. We love our running/walking shoes!! We truly enjoyed our time at Big Peach and we will be back.
Just call me Happy Feet.

Swiss Britt

Impressed Again

I visited Big Peach for the first time in May 2016. Emory spent a great deal of time with my daughter and me, helping us choose the best shoes for running. He was super-thorough, never rushing, and extremely knowledgeable.

I returned today for a new pair of shoes and was again impressed with Emory’s assistance and by Big Peach’s excellent customer service.

I’m Big Peach loyal!



Immediately Felt At Ease

My last pair was purchased at Road Runner. I even got talked into their membership. I still have a discount there and didn’t want to go there. I went to the East Cobb location and immediately felt at ease. Connor walked me through each shoe that would be a good fit based on my previous fittings and stride. I ended up in my first pair of New Balances (1080 v6) and love them. Connor had the Kennesaw store transfer over the color I wanted. I’ll be back!


Impressed with Their Care and Professionalism

Wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience at your Kennesaw store. My podiatrist showed me that I had a bone spur and plantar fasciitis in my right heel. He suggested I go to Big Peach and get new shoes and told me to dump my old ones. I went to the Kennesaw store and could[not] have been more impressed with their care and professionalism. They took their time to see the issues I was having with my feet, had me walk on the treadmill, and found a pair of shoes comfortable and soft to protect my feet and heel and I could not be more pleased!! Thank you Big Peach- I feel I am on the road to recovery!!

Stewart Carkon

Best Retail Experience

I have been buying running shoes based on friends’ recommendations but have never found any I loved. I finally decided to get some professional help and that’s exactly what I got. Jamie was so patient and helpful. She took into account how often and far I run and watched me on the treadmill. Then she brought out several brands and sizes for me to try. She never rushed me and was so reassuring. Everyone else in the store was so nice as well. This was the best retail experience I’ve had in a long time. I’ll definitely be back!


My Go-To Running Store

Big Peach is definitely my go-to running store. Regardless of the store location, the staff are always super knowledgeable and patient. They are experts at helping you find the shoe that is a perfect fit for your foot and your needs. They also genuinely care about you and will remember you the next time you come in. Their fitting process, customer service, and running community are truly unmatched!

Abby Keenan

Very Enjoyable and Educational Experience

This is my first time experiencing the process of purchasing shoes for walking and I must say that this was a very enjoyable and educational experience. Tiffany, who was charged with the task of entertaining all of my questions as well as educate me on the shoe selection process, was great. She was very professional, informative, and very engaged with me. Tyler also was a great aspect of my experience, he explained a few things that I would have never thought was important in regards to shoe purchasing. Being a customer service manager for over 20yrs and often being very critical of the service I receive, I can honestly say that the service provided today, registers very very high for me. I definitely will refer family and friends and I will definitely be returning.

Demond Walker

Absolutely Inspiring

Mike, the 70 something-year-old guy who works there, is absolutely inspiring. I’m happy to be your new customer.

Harry Joiner

Grant Is Fantastic!

Grant at your Brookhaven location could not have made the buying experience any better.  He is fantastic!

Ernie Moran

Friendly & Non-Judgemental

I really love supporting such a great local store & group of runners. Everyone is so friendly & non-judgemental. I’m new to running & the staff spent hours with me finding the right shoes & making suggestions on how to ease the soreness I’ve been feeling lately now that I’m getting better at running. I really appreciated the support & encouragement of the staff here. They’re just really great people who love running & want to share that love with everyone who walks in the store. I love that. I’ll never shop anywhere else.

Jennifer Keeney

I really enjoy supporting my local BPRC store!!!!

Good evening,

I wanted to right about an amazing experience I had with two of your staff, Morgan and Sarah. I came in at 7:30 on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening last week, looking for a new pair of running shoes (used to own the Wave Sayonara 2’s, understood that the 3’s were a completely different shoe, so wanted to “start from scratch”). Morgan and Sarah were awesome in walking me through 5-6 different pairs of shoes, took lots of time, and provided lots of helpful guidance. For some reason I thought you closed at 8:30, but at 8;15 when I noticed the store was empty except for me and 1 other customer, I realized my mistake and apologized for keeping them late. They didn’t seem bothered at all, told me not to worry about it, and worked with me diligently for the next 30 minutes, until I finished up my purchase at 8:45.

Morgan was crazy knowledgeable about running shoes, and Sarah was great (although she admitted she was new, but offered her guidance where she could). Both of them were awesome, and I really appreciated the time and effort they took to get me into the right pair of shoes!

One of the reasons I really enjoy supporting my local BPRC store!!!!  Big shout out to both of them.


Staff was AWESOME!

I’m short and fluffy. I was so intimidated to walk in and ask for help. I haven’t worked out in years. The staff was AWESOME! They listened to what I needed in a shoe and were fantastic at helping me find the right shoe and socks for me. Never once did I feel like anything less than a priority nor did I feel rushed to make a decision. Thank you guys so much!


Wonderful Customer Service

My mom and I visited the midtown store, on a busy Saturday morning, with two different needs. This was our first time visiting Big Peach and we will definitely be returning!! Jillian assisted us and she is AWESOME! She was able to help us find the right shoes (at the right price), and was able to juggle our different needs. She was very interested in our activities and gave advice for my up-coming half marathon. The rest of the staff was very friendly and engaging. One of the best shopping experiences I have had. Keep up the good work Big Peach!!


Thank You Christian

I was driving in the Marietta area when I passed by the Big Peach Running Co. When I saw the store, I remembered that I always wanted to visit it because I’ve heard lots about it.
I was looking for insoles and Christian was so patient with me as a new runner. She videoed my running style, looked at my gait and answered many of my questions. I decided to try on a few insoles until I saw all of the awesome running shoes and then she opened the door of excitement for me. I tried on 10 different types of shoes and she was extremely patient with me. I finally decided upon a shoe that will be shipped to me. She made me excited to run and with comfort. She was very informative and kind. I look forward to being a longtime customer. Thank you Christian and Thanks Big Peach Running Co.


Garmin Help

I wanted to tell you how awesome your midtown crew is. I purchased a Tom Tom watch from your store that was not so great and they worked with me in changing it out for a Garmin ~ 2 weeks later. The Garmin has been so much better. The team was responsive and understood why I was unhappy with the product and understood that spending that amount of money should mean I get what I need. Returning electronics can be an awful customer service experience. Thank you so much for listening and for your willingness to work with me.


Fantastic Experience

Dear BPRC,

I was just at your midtown location (roughly 2:45 on June 7th) and I wanted to let you know I had a fantastic experience. I was there to replace my Saucony Kinvaras and your staff knew exactly what I wanted and was extremely helpful and expedient in getting it for me.

I didn’t want such great service to go unnoticed, thank you


Marietta Store Visit

We visited the Marietta location to purchase shoes for my husband and myself. Corey was fantastic!! He made sure the shoes were comfortable and a good fit for both of us. My husband is 61 years old and has REFUSED to purchase a good walking shoe ever! He recently had back surgery. The physical therapist recommended Big Peach and I was planning to shop at your store anyway. But I felt that with a very stubborn husband, I needed more support in the decision to shop at Big Peach. My husband is thrilled with his new shoes. He wears them everyday. And even though he cannot bend over to tie the shoes, Corey had a shoe lace solution for us. I observed my husband stand taller while at your store when he walked in this new pair of shoes. The proper shoe and fit have made a difference for my husband. Thank you for hiring Corey. And thank you for the Big Peach Running Company.

Joanne Minster

Positive Experience In Kennesaw Store


I just wanted to give you some feedback regarding the service Blair provided to me and a friend while visiting your store today. Blair provided us with expert customer service. He was very friendly, patiently answered all our questions and just all around helpful. My friend and I had never had our running style analyzed and Blair explained everything that he looked at and why. He then brought out a couple different brands and explained to each of us why he was having us try the particular shoes on. Throughout the entire time he never pressured us to get a certain shoe or any shoe at all. We both felt very comfortable with Blair and were pleased with the entire experience because of Blair.

We both live in Ellijay so it is not always convenient to come down to Kennesaw but because of our positive experience today, with Blair, we will try and plan more trips to your store.

Donna Wren

Customer Service

I gotta say – Conner(Connor?) took amazing care of me at the Decatur store last night. Some seriously impressive customer service! I wanted to hang out and talk running all day in there! Very impressed.

Brooks Mitchell

Mizuno Order

I received my shirt and it is as I expected it to be. Thank you so much for your diligent efforts in making sure that I got the shirt that I wanted. You guys are to be commended and I will always be grateful. I always spend money where I am appreciated and you have surely made me feel that customer service is not dead. Thank you so much for your help and patience.

Joe Pollard

Jamee Was Awesome!

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that your sales associate, Jamie, gave me service over and above the call of duty last Friday. Unknown to me, the store was very busy with runners picking up their numbers for a 10K that day and initially I felt that I would probably get no service and almost walked out…

Jamie saw that I was confused and concerned, came up to me and asked if she could help. I was relieved because I was anxious to get some new shoes. I explained that I had recently started to put on about 20 miles/week on an old pair of shoes and my feet were hurting post walk. She talked to me about my needs, checked my feet for pressure points, brought out 5 or 6 pairs of shoes for me to try out, watched me walk to check my gait, and even helped me purchase a second pair of shoes on sale for just running around town. I was really impressed the way she truly cared about making sure I had the right shoes.

Now I’m not a runner; I’m pushing 60 years old and don’t know that much about running and shoes. Jamie treated me like a important customer/athlete and was very pleasant and understanding. Please thank her again for me; she was awesome.

Kathy Nickerson

My Visit Today

Wow!! Super impressed with the staff, process and store. It seemed quite busy and everyone was awesome.  Even watched interactions with other customers when out manned.  They are an awesome crew!!  They greeted everyone and assisted perfectly.  I don’t think anyone left without buying.  Probably 5 or 6 customers, including me.  

I have a better understanding of the fit process.  Central to the experience.  Produces great results. Blew it up on Yelp in the parking lot…. 

Seriously, the best shoe experience I’ve ever had.  April served me up with 3 pairs of perfectly fitting shoes.  Talked with Bobby for a bit as well, but had an appointment and there were people waiting to check out, so I didn’t want to overstay my welcome.  Super guy.  

I stocked up on some RUN ATL hats for the boys and a shirt for myself.  Thanks for the crazy discount!!  Please tell the guys thanks as well.  

Have a great weekend!!!  GO DAWGS!!

Troy Rushing

Customer For Life

I wanted to take a moment to give your Midtown Atlanta store kudos for incredible customer service. Over the course of a month and half the manager and a store associate (Michael?) helped me work through two pairs of shoes until I was able to find the perfect pair that not only fit perfectly, reduce numbing in my toes during long runs, and are incredibly comfortable. The folks at the Big Peach midtown location were patient, helpful, and didn’t give up on finding the perfect training shoe for my upcoming Ironman 70.3. Thanks and I already considered myself a customer for life–this additional experience only confirmed my choice.

Sonny Poloche

Shoes For Dad

My father recently asked where I got my tennis shoes, as he calls them. I replied that I have been going to BPRC for years. They will take the time to make sure you have the right shoe for what you are doing. I did refer him to another store closer where he lives, not a BPRC, sorry. Later that week I was at your Suwanee store, very close to home for me. Ran into Jeff who told me about getting my Dad and Sister fitted for shoes. Jeff had helped me with my first pair of running shoes when he worked at the Alpharetta store. My dad now lives in the shoes he got at peachy and loves to tell everyone there the best he’s ever had. Need to understand, my dad is 90 years old. The wider base shoes help him with his balance. Big thanks to everyone at your Suwanee store.

Rusty O’Shields

The Latest

I thought I’d update you on how the process is going…..
and I call it that because I appreciate how you constantly remind me that you’re NOT trying to ‘sell me a pair of shoes’…. but working with me to find something that provides me a solution to my ‘foot issues’.

I immediately wore the Sauconys on my walk around the neighborhood. And as much as I really wanted to make them feel perfect, I realized quickly that the pressure was still there in the toe box area (whether it’s the actual toe, or the metatarsal or the bunion I really don’t know). I came back to your store a few days later and got the metatarsal pads – and tried them out for the next few days. Unfortunately I was never able to get a comfort level moving them around in the shoe to make sure I had them in the right position.

Here’s where it starts to get better! After that I have to admit I was getting pretty frustrated and discouraged realizing that just because you buy a great pair of shoes doesn’t mean they will feel great on your feet – I Know – that’s what you guys call “The Fit Process” – but I was beginning to think I just wasn’t meant to have that kind of fit…….that I should just buy bigger shoes and be satisfied with the looser fit. But I remembered you advice………”Let’s just start with the shoes and work from there……..” and you’d mentioned both the metatarsal pads as well as the toe spacer/separator. I bought the toe spacer and immediately it just felt “Right”…..moving that big toe over.

In fact it felt so good, after trying on the Sauconys, I tried on several other pair of shoes I’ve stopped wearing, including the Softball Turfs that I’d originally purchased for my softball season. Most of the shoes felt significantly better with very little pressure or discomfort……….which is really good news. But now I have to decide what I want to do with my ‘new’ shoes. Given that the Softball Turfs feel much more comfortable…….I’d really hate to ‘ruin’ a really nice pair of shoes like the Sauconys on a ball field for 10-12 nights each year.

With all that said (my wife tells me I can’t say anything in a concise manner)……….I was wondering if it would be OK to swap out the Sauconys for a similarly priced pair of shoes that I could wear for every day use? As long as they’re comfy with a good toe box and relatively conservative (as little neon as possible) that would be great.

Thanks so much for your patience……..for listening…….for truly having my best interest in mind………and for making me feel comfortable throughout this entire process. I truly hope that I’ll be able to craft this whole experience into a great customer service story for my upcoming classes………I hope you don’t mind my giving you all a ‘plug’ to my class members.

Joe Coombs

Joe Coombs

I was excited to get fitted for shoes

I recently visited the Marietta location. It was my first time visiting a Big Peach running store. I made the decision to purchase new shoes because my Nikes weren’t providing enough support and caused my knees pain. I was excited to get fitted for shoes for the first time and find ones that are the right fit. However, I was a bit disappointed with the service. I have experience running different races and have been passionate about running for some time now, but when I was being helped throughout the process I felt like I was being talked down to and almost attacked for the things I wasn’t doing right. Some examples include: being told multiple times how bad the shoes I was currently running in were bad for running, how poor my running form is by telling me a few times to pick up my knees among other things, even pointing out how the socks I had on at the time were not good for running either. It felt very accusatory. After trying on about 3/4 pairs, the woman that was helping me was getting visibly frustrated that I was struggling to settle on a shoe, she turned to another co-worker and said, referring to me, “She doesn’t like this shoe. And doesn’t like this one. And she said she doesn’t like this one,” she was going on and on and naming the shoes that I didn’t choose and appeared very pessimistic all while sitting right in front of me. I understand her asking for coworkers for their insight and help, but it didn’t have to be in a way that makes customers feel they are trouble for not liking a certain shoe. When I finally settled on a shoe, mostly because I didn’t feel like disappointing the worker or being criticized, while I was checking out, she said that she “wasn’t hopeful” about the shoes. When I asked why, she responded because I didn’t “seem excited.” All of this to say, the worker was helpful to an extent and I know she was just trying to be helpful through it all. I’m sure it was coming from a good place of wanting to find the right shoes for me and wanting me to be a better runner. However, I believe there is a way to approach customers and give advice. It doesn’t have to be in a demeaning way, it can be in a caring way. It’s in the tone of voice and the approach that can make all of the difference. I hesitate to give a name to the worker who helped me but I did want to give feedback because I don’t want other customers to feel the way I did when I came in last week. Instead of saying, “These socks you have on aren’t good for running either,” workers could say, “hey, we have some really great options for socks that help with support if you feel yours aren’t doing the trick” with a caring tone can make all the difference.
Feel free to reply if you would like clarification or explanation. Thank you!

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