Store Programs

BPRC Hosting Program

Do you have a non-profit group that likes to run AND needs a meeting location? Look no further than the BPRC to accommodate you (and your group)! As finicky hosts, we'll make sure you have what you need for your time together to be enjoyable and successful. For more information, please contact us

BPRC "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed" Program

If you buy any item from BPRC that has defects or fails to live up to your expectations, simply return it - no problems, no hassles, no questions asked. Well, we will ask some questions to help you with other options, or happily refund your money. 

Peachy Express Free Same Day Delivery

Need some fresh kicks in a hurry? Have no fear...Peachy Express is here! If you live or work within one of the 80+ zip codes on the list, we can have a new pair of running shoes to you in a few hours, and the delivery charge is on us. Orders must be placed by 6:00pm Monday-Friday or 4:00pm Saturdays to be eligible. (Sorry, this service is not available on Sundays, and no discounts or other offers apply.)

BPRC "We Have It Or We'll Get It" Program

If there's an item in our inventory that you are inclined to try-on, test-out and/or buy... but we don't have it in stock in your size, we'll special order it with absolutely no obligation to you. Just let us know your size and provide us a telephone number for notification purposes. With the exception of discontinued merchandise, we'll have the item in 7-10 days and we will call to you to let you know it has arrived so you can come in and try it. If you ultimately buy it...great! If not, that's fine too! Also, if there's an item you've heard about somewhere that you believe is definitely representative of a P.A.L., but (surprising as it may seem) you can't find it at BPRC, just let us know what it is and we'll track down all of the information for you, including cost and availability.  If after receiving our e-mail notification it is an item you would like to purchase, we'll take your credit card number and procure the item for you.

BPRC "Re-use Your Shoes" Program

If you buy a new pair of running or walking shoes at BPRC and are willing to leave your old pair with us, we'll give you 5% off your total purchase. We'll also give you the satisfaction of knowing that your former treads are going to different organizations in and around Atlanta assisting the homeless and less fortunate.